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As an independent luxury real estate agency with over 16 years experience we know our stuff when it comes to matching buyers with a desired lifestyle and quality properties which we have carefully selected and know intimately.


We promote quality over quantity, represent only verified properties and with our team of experienced real estate advisors (ie not just sales staff) you have the very best chance of securing the luxury property that best meets your desires.   


Here is what you get:


  • Hand-Picked and Verified Properties 
  • Access to Un-listed Luxury Properties and Private Deals
  • Indepth Advice on Locations, Projects, Communities & Lifestyles
  • Truethful Feedback and Guidence  at Every Step
  • Access to Our Deep and Valuable Connections 
  • Leadership in Price Negotiation and the Legal Process
  • Help with Moving In and Living in Thailand 

While real estate for lifestyle is the number 1 choice and our area of traditional expertise, properties that combine lifestyle with an investment option (offering hotel type annual returns and service) are becoming popular.   


We won't hold you up, but we will take the time to explore what you want and explain what is available before jumping straight into inspections and reviewing listings.  


Whether it is spreading out in a luxury pool villa (from signature villas to residential homes), living large in a luxury condo, making an investment portolio or seeking land to build your own private home/development project you can trust us to give expert and truthful advice at every step.


Start your journey with Asia360 and discover the fullest possibilities of owning a luxury home in Phuket.





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